daniel pring

Since 2002, I've managed the sale of ten out of the twelve highest priced artefacts belonging to Nelson including the undisclosed record price for his gold pocket watch. Here are some highlights of those and other memorable sales and exhibitions I've been involved with.

Portrait miniature of Lieutenant Daniel Pring RN (c1788-1846) »

Oval portrait miniature of Lieutenant Daniel Pring RN (c.1788-1846), attributed to Thomas Richmond (1771-1837) English school, circa 1810 Watercolour on ivory; mounted in gold as a pendent, reverse with plaited hair applied with gold monograms “DP” and “AP”. Dimensions: Oval, 65mm x 55mm / 2 1/2 x 2 1/8 inches (ex. loop) Provenance: Lot 695, […]


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